January 2019 Shopping

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Some recent online buys (which were truly compulsive, but so far I have no regrets...) It was pure concidence that fshnbnkr.com currently has a massive online warehouse sale! I seem to have broken a 2019 resolution already...

C/MEO Collectibve methodical dress in black floral. I love the asymmetrical sleeves and how they frame the collarbones.
Looking forward to wearing this (read: squeezing into this dress) for a wedding coming up next weekend in Melbourne.
My friend is also getting married later this year in April so I may re-wear this to her wedding and reception! Very happy for her and her fiance.
Keepsake Wild Thoughts Skirt.
 Clearly I'm getting into the florals...
The Fifth Label stripe wrap skirt with floral (again) overlay.


Trying to dabble in gel polish...Bit of a risque move since I bought these off ebay.
If I get some kind of respiratory cancer from the fumes, at least I'll know why...
Pray to god that I don't melt my fingernails off whilst doing this
Hoping that the end results look good - I have been spending far too much money on nail salons since December...

I've realised that having nice nails (despite how vapid this sounds) is fairly important since I spend around 7-8 hours a day on the computer at work. Having a splash of colour/ something remotely FUN on my hands makes it the tiniest bit more bearable.

2019 Resolutions and reflections

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Another year has passed and although it sounds a bit paradoxical, 2018 was very busy but at the same time...it was not busy at all? Professionally, life was hell between June and November, but in relation to friends, family and relationships, things were very peaceful for the most part.

Reflections on 2018 resolutions
  • Work hard at work for a promotion - need to bill 100% by June end ; refer another acquaintance  I never referred another friend but I did scratch past 100%. Glad to be properly recognised by the end of the year by my team (to the point where I think my boss is worried that I will leave...YES I will use this as leverage)
  • Travel to Japan in August / September    Had a lovely break with Vu exploring Japan in August despite the humidity and multiple long bullet train rides. Spent my birthday in Kobe!
  • Save 75% of income     Cannot comment on this or verify haha...I'd like to think so
  • Sketch and paint more      FAIL. Did maybe 2 watercolours. O paintings.
  • Read at least 5 books  ABSOLUTE FAIL. Read maybe 2 books (however I did devour true crime podcasts at the end of 2018). I don't think re-reading childhood books like Harry Potter, Looking for Alibrandi and Teen Power Inc. in order to transport yourself back to happier times counts....
  • Read up on legal articles and updates re: corporate law, ECM  Wishful thinking at its best.
  • Fix and take better care of hair and skin This I did do! Proactively using hair treatments and OGX hair oil. For my skin, I have been using Nip+Fab glycolic acid serums, Antipodes kiwi eyecream and Japanese gelly creams (SANA + HadaLabo). A shout out to korean snail creams and ampoules (I use MIZON) which work well with my normal to dry skin. For drier winter days when the tip of my nose gets flakey, I use Moogoo face cream which smells a lot like those asian milk candies
Image result for 2019 LONDON

  • Continue with weekly exercise routine and track progress (I finally signed up for a gym membership. Currently, I have been doing a mix of TRX grip rows, wimp deadlifts (35pounds lol), 6kg medicine ball squats, 10 pound light overhead weights and cycling/ treadmilling for 5km to cool down. )
  • Figure out job prospects and whether the big move is required by mid February 2019 Resume writing to be refined
  • Look for an apartment and speak to banks about home loans. 2020 IS THE YEAR!!!!
  • Travel in August / September to Europe (Italy and London) or South America (Bolivia? Peru)
  • KonMari my room and wardrobe and LIFE. Keep it clean.
  • Take care of hair and skin (sunscreen..)
  • Sketch and paint more
  • Cull shopping tendencies especially during SALES. I should not buy things unless they are needed. Focus on experiences this year!

i am so bored, so here are a bunch of resolutions

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Some idealistic goals which may or may not be achieved this year:

  • Work hard at work for a promotion - need to bill 100% by June end ; refer another acquaintance
  • Travel to Japan in August / September
  • Save 75% of income
  • Sketch and paint more
  • Read at least 5 books (yes this is how little I read and really shows how much time I pander away on Netflix...)
  • Read up on legal articles and updates re: corporate law, ECM
  • Fix and take better care of hair and skin (late 20s here we come!*)
*oh fuck this.


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