Monthly udpate - food, apple festival and blue people at the circus

/ Thursday, 2 November 2017 /
Toruk First Flight - Cirque du Soleil.
Since we were unable to make it to the circus in Moscow, I bought tickets to the new Avatar themed Cirque du Soleil show. The set design was very elaborate and creative. It changed from lush forests to dry desserts and to floating mountains within seconds. However, it felt more like a theatre show or a musical rather than the circus. I was hoping for more death defying feats!
The lighting and stage was quite stunning - the tree on the left rotated and opened to reveal more Navi actors.
On the food front, V and I discovered District 8 in Cabravale. They have this delicious salt-grilled Singaporean-style barramundi. The laksa is also quite good (though I would have preferred a chicken option.
It was weird that they only did seafood laksas?)
Puffle from the night noodle markets 2 weeks ago. Cheese-gasms.
Unprecedented shopping addiction this month (I am very ashamed especially because I know I posted about a shopping ban in June/July). Fell in love with these draped pants from Uniqlo - no regrets!!!!
Sushi candy at the Granny Smith Festival in Eastwood, an annual festival that celebrates the good old green apple.
The festival has fireworks which start at 8. I was more than excited to see them up close, since I usually sit in my home and watch them from waaay afar.
Nothing like the whizz and bang of fireworks, and seeing them sparkle in the sky.


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