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/ Thursday, 3 August 2017 /
Buffet no. 1 in Kanzi Lounge OMG the beef slices and beef tartare is to DIE FOR here. Love those Korean fruit/pear marinades.

Buffet No.2
That's right go to Chef's Dynasty for all you can eat chicken feet, tripe, ha gao etc etc. I was stuffed. Think we had 14 dishes between the two of us.
  1. In other news, I am still very much addicted to podcasts and slowly making my way down the list of This American Life (some favourites have included Ask a Grown Up, Human Spectacle 2015, What's Going on in There).
  2. This weekend I'm going to spend some quality time with family. Planning to go to the plant sale in the Botanical gardens with mum on Saturday and brunch nearby. I hope there isn't a horrendous line at the greenhouse but if there is we can just stroll up to Mrs Macquarie's Chair and wander around the remainder of the park. Hot pot dinner with the whole family on Sunday (I'm going to make sure that we stock up on the fishballs with the roe inside)
  3. Jane, my sister and I are really coming along with drafting itineraries for Moscow, St Petersburg, Budapest and Vienna! I should really up my game with Vienna though, so far all I want to do is a tour of Halstatt or Salzburg.Also, there was a small blip when we were trying to book tickets for the Moscow circus, so I hope that works out (I don't think I've expressed how much I love the circus! Imagine if we get tickets for Sunday! We'd be going to the Moscow circus on my birthday!!!!!!!!)
  4. I am re-reading HP and the Half Blood Prince. I forget that the books were so much more detailed than the movies which cut out so many characters (Where was Peeves?And the Gaunt family/ Voldemort's family history??)
  5. Trying my best to not shop. Unsurprisingly though, I end up eating out more instead...it's okay it's still bloody cold in Sydney so I need the insulation HA. 


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