Yosemite National Park - USA 2016/17

/ Thursday, 13 July 2017 /

 Overlooking Yosemite National Park on Christmas eve, 2016.
This leg of our journey was part of our USA trip during December 2016/January 2017.
My friend Yi and I may have been freezing in the snow (with wet socks and all) but our "hike" around the park was completely worth it! Our only regret was taking a day-trip. We both agreed that next time, we would stay a few nights in small lodge (complete with hot cocoa and fuzzy socks) so that we could take our time to explore Yosemite Valley.
I love how Yosemite is so mountainous, with these colossal rocks rising from the flat forest floor. I think it was a result of volcanic and tectonic activity (I stand to be corrected though)
There are many waterfalls in the area, however we only saw around 2 or 3!
The bus-ride to the park looked like a scene from Narnia.
Valleys dipped in sunshine.

Our bus!
At the lower half of Yosemite Falls
A Yizzle has been spotted!
Yizzle and I.

Quaint little bridge area during golden hour. We wandered to some fairly secluded spots (I think many people were just driving around and keeping out of the snow. Whereas we (being typical Aussies) were like YAY ITS SNOW. WE MUST EXPLORE ON FOOT.)
Giant snow covered areas which I imagine could be perfect for picnics in the summer!


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