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/ Monday, 24 July 2017 /

Somewhere near Edgecliff and Rose Bay.
View from Kambala

  1. Had a lot of food this week (nothing new) - Sichuan hot pot with friends on Monday, pizza post city2surf walk on Sunday, and mad buffet lunch (Korean and Japanese food) on Saturday.
  2. It seems safe to say that I am officially a podcast convert. I tend to get fidgety on the train but I can't read for too long before feeling nauseous. Naturally, a podcast is the perfect middle ground.       So far I have finished Shit-town, which I would highly recommend if you're into semi-biographic accounts of peoples lives in small town communities in conservative America. As an overview, it follows the podcast host's interaction/friendship with a cynical but fascinating man John B McLemore. John is a horologist who has lived in the small county for his whole life,  which he unfairly (or fairly in some cases) dubs as "shit-town". I enjoyed the ending despite some people's whining about it being meaningless, an uncomfortable waste of time and futile. I personally found it quite profound and very touching. 
  3.  Now I am onto the podcasts on This American Life. There were some great ones - I quite enjoyed To Be Real and some excerpts of Fermi's paradox. One of my favourites was about a young girl who asked her father about the concept of time- what is it? why? - and the story her father retold her.                                                                                                                                                              "And one of my favorite stories by a guy named William Faulkner. There was a daddy who gives his kid a watch and says, "I give you this watch, not that you might remember a time, but so that you might forget it for a little while." I can only tell you that time is me turning and turning while the world is turning around a star that turns around a center that turns around the whole time. Among all the other things and the little turning animals and all the little turning worlds, there's me trying to turn to you"                                                                                                                                                       Ironically, it is revealed that the reason why the daughter asked such large profound questions was to capture her dad's attention, to take him away from work and his philosophical ponderings, so that they could spend more time together, to talk and be daughter and dad 
  4. Making sure to buy Hermitage tickets and circus tickets for the upcoming trip! Will be sorting out foreign currencies as well. I can't believe mid August is so soon!


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