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/ Tuesday, 16 May 2017 /

Left of Field is a fairly recent discovery, situated at the waterfront at Rhodes. The café is well-known for their earl grey pancakes paired with caramel popcorn and summery fruits. Mum opted for the truffle toast and fried duck egg (aka the best mushroom toast I've had in a long long time).
Mum is very pleased.
Could scoff 5 down in one sitting. Was so more-ish and umami.
 Being the piggish family that we are, we then proceeded to Bondi Pizza for dinner. The pumpkin sage and parmesan ravioli was quite nice. The addition of the sundried tomatoes initially confused me a bit, since between bites you'd get this sudden hit of salt and sourness. 
Mum and her second feast of the day. Very pleased once again. Feat smoky pulled pork pizza and slaw, and smoky pork ribs (very nice).
Shrimp and chorizo pizza. Spicy (but definitely more yum than spicy).
In other news:
  • Work is somewhat picking up (partner is once again hinting at all the things that will come flooding my way...he is vague about timing though...).
  • My cough is finally receding a bit after antibiotics (decided it was best to take day off on Monday to actually visit a doctor lol).
  • Alien Covenant is a great movie. Am now itching to re-watch the whole Alien franchise again. Also, I think I love Michael Fassbender. Nothing like a vengeful square-jawed humanoid to wrench some heartstrings *Wagner's Entrance of the Gods into Valhalla plays in the background*
  • Looking forward to watching some medieval jousting and swordplay on the weekend at a medieval fair! 


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