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/ Tuesday, 16 May 2017 /
Image result for money diariesIt's fair to say that I am quite addicted to reading the Money Diaries, amongst other diaries (e.g. those in NyMag/theCut). I think it comes down to being a curious (read: super nosey) person. Here is my own.

Female, 24, Sydney
Junior Lawyer
Lives at home


7.30am: Woke up, rushed to get ready. Grabbed banana bread and packed lunch for work. I still live at home so all of these are covered. I pay $400/month to my parents to cover for basic groceries/ mostly out of filial duty (<3). The fare to work on the train costs $4.82. Bloody opal is getting so expensive. I think there are price increases looming post-July.

12.00pm Day is bit busier than normal, drafted a few agreements and sent out some emails. Eat lunch with my Genmaicha green tea ( I am a total sucker for Japanese green tea with roasted rice). I don't spend any money regularly on coffee, primarily because I only drink it when I desperately need it for a spruce or when I am in a coffee mood (once in a blue moon). I also think coffee is a black hole for money.

5.30pm Leave work for dinner with Vu. We go to a Lebanese place in Darlinghurst which has a 50% off deal. We end up being stuffed on the banquet for $65 in total. The haloumi and cauliflower salad there is to die for (ooh the beef cheek was good too). Vu kindly covers dinner.

9.00pm Head home on train $3.50


7.30am: Same old routine with banana bread and all.  $4.82 My opal card does auto-top up when I exit at my station in the CBD. $40.00

1.00pm: Work is not busy at all. I did around 2 hours of advice writing and mooched around (hello Money Diaries!).

5.30pm: Head home on train $3.50

6.00pm: Saf from Ladylike on Buzzfeed has a great channel for mindless watching. I binge. Dinner at home is great. I have a lot of congee since I'm still sick from Monday.


8.00am: The fare to work on the train costs $4.82. I grab sushi today since I'm a bit tired of the banana bread. I love the salmon and avo rolls, paired with the teriyaki beef. $5.20

5.30pm: Work was NOT busy. Tried asking around, to no avail. Ended up writing a new marketing piece about the new crowd-sourced funding legislation and how the new Federal Budget planned on expanding that law to proprietary companies (come on, they should have done this in the first place lol). I receive our joint Colourpop order! Spend 20 mins swatching makeup on my hands and showing to co-worker.

5.45pm: Having dinner at Jamie's with Vu. There is a $10 truffle pasta special. We get one each, share the polenta chips and tiny piece of bruschetta ( omg Jamie's is such a rip off sometimes). The pasta was very good though. We sink into food coma. I cover dinner this time $42.90.

8pm: Head to Newtown to drop off stuff in car. $3.00 Change into my costume, complete with Slytherin tie and school blazer.

8.30pm: Return to Townhall for a Harry Potter party. $3.00 I bought tickets for both of us around 2 weeks ago ($56). The drinks line in there is impossibly long (everyone is yelling for their butter beer and polyjuice potion) but the props and the music is fantastic (early 2000s late 90s, just how I like it). I met a uni friend and an old tutoring friend in there, and their friends/ bfs. We drink a bit and dance the night away. Drinks came to $20.

12.30am: Return to Newtown $0.90 to car


11am: Dead tired. Over exerted self. Cough has gotten worse overnight. Have some pork chop/rice, kindly receives ride home and head to sleep.

5pm: Wake up. Still dead. Text friends to cancel on dinner that night. Sleep.

7pm: Eat congee dinner with family. Watch some Eurovision semi-finals (chuckle at the yoddle and rap Romanian duo) and head to bed watching more Buzzfeed.


9am: Mothers' Day! We have brunch early at Rhodes. It was really nice and airy place with great food. (Except I was mourning the fact that on the way, we drove over a T-way lane. We had no idea what it was until it was too late. If we get caught it means a $325 fine and 1 demerit point... Fantastic.) I grab brunch $41.

11am: Grocery shopping with mum. I suss out flowers but she doesn't seem keen.

1pm: I sloth around at home doing nothing all day apart from watch more Buzzfeed, folding some laundry and replacing my bedsheets. Still mourning over potential fine. Still sick so I have an afternoon nap.

6pm: We head for dinner at Bondi Pizza (I posted about it in my previous entry). My sister and I split the bill - it comes to $50 each.


9am: Text boss to tell him I can't come to work. Cough has gotten even worse overnight.

2pm: Sleep and then eat noodles. Head down to doctors. She prescribes me antibiotics. $5.30
 I see there's a sale in chemist warehouse and thought about buying something to cheer myself up. But then I remembered potential fine from yesterday. Didn't deserve a pick-me-up. Leave empty handed.

4pm: Sleep some more. Have a bottle of water.

For the rest of the night I just napped and had some dinner.


7.30am: Back to the grind. Feeling much better after antibiotics though! The train fare costs $4.82.

12pm: Caught up on boring work (tedious stuff but didn't' really need a brain to do it). Enjoyed my packed lunch.

5.30pm: Off work! Quickly head to Japanese food at Townhall. We get tonkotsu and fishcake at a cheapie Japanese place next to the cinemas. I cover. $24.00

6.45pm: We head to watch Alien Covenant! Very excited. Have been waiting for a sequel since Prometheus. We bring our iced coffees from Starbucks to the theatre (thanks Vu).

9.00pm: Movie was fantastic! I didn't have SUPER high expectations, and mainly went for the CGI Aliens, alien-gore (lol) and Michael Fassbender. The actress in Fantastic Beasts did a great job though as Daniels. Catch train home $3.50

Weekly spend: $281.08
Transport: around $40.00/week
Food: $163.10
Drinks: $20
Entertainment: $56
Other/meds: $5.30
Impending fines: $325 (FUCKTHIS)


{ Natalie } on: 16 May 2017 at 23:10 said...

What are your thoughts about your spending? I tried to do this for all of one week, but then I was so depressed about it I just stopped lol. I don't have any issues when I am travelling in doing and this and documenting to the minute detail, but for everyday life...

Hope there weren't cameras and therefore you won't get fined!

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