London - January 2016

/ Wednesday, 24 May 2017 /
London is one of my favourite cities in the world. The architecture, shopping, galleries, museums and array of cuisines is incomparable. It has the vibe of a large metropolitan city but also the charm of an European old town. It's simultaneously quirky (Camden markets), modern (near Tate Modern, Southwark) and peaceful (the walk between Soho and Westminster Abbey along all the tree-lined and terraced streets is unbelievably gorgeous). This was my second time in London.
At Tate Modern on my second night in London. I love this gallery to bits, mainly because it houses an impressive collection of Dali (including the famous Transformation of Narcissus) and lots of contemporary artworks. This specific installation included crates of soil from parks all over London. The crates were left to grow in their natural state for 6 months. I believe I was there in around the 3rd or 4th month. The gallery shop was also having a huge sale so I was able to score a pack of Damien Hirst postcards (which I later used to DIY my 2016 calendar).
I met up with a university friend who had been on exchange in the Netherlands and was euro-hopping in the preceding months. We escaped the London cold at Aquashard, a very snazzy bar up in the Shard where cocktails were 18 pounds a pop (!!!). However, the sunset over London Bridge was magnificent and well worth our overpriced drinks.

Dinner with friends of friends who were in London doing their medical exchange. Flat Iron had great steaks, condiments and very cool souvenir cleaver knives (just joking, you had to pay for it).
Solo lunch at Jamie's Italian near the Financial District. I was so relieved to find this place after wandering in the cold from Saatchi Gallery to Westminster Abbey. The pate was to DIE FOR as was the prawn linguine.
One of the most intriguing galleries in London! Saatchi Gallery is full of emerging artists, and is packed with a plethora of contemporary installation works (my favourites). I ended up buying a huge volume on contemporary art at the bookstore (though I regrettably had to lug this 2kg book all the way back to the airport the next day).


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