A very food-heavy week and a half

/ Thursday, 11 May 2017 /
Bar Luca had a Star Wars themed burger aptly named after Chewbacca. There were cheese kranskies in the burger, which were of course the highlight.
Really good blue swimmer crab pasta at Cucina 108.
Dimmi has several 50% coupons going at the moment! Went to a Lebanese place for a banquet style meal - it was delicious as expected. 
Cured salmon and lamb labne.
Lamb shawarma!
  1. The week has been fairly mundane - nothing out of the ordinary has happened and because work has not been very busy at all, I've been falsely lulled into a sense of comfort and overall laziness (knowing my luck, a wave of unexpected urgent work is probably going to kick in this week or the next and I'll be cursing myself for not enjoying my chill period). I was sick on Monday and am struggling with this stupid persistent dry cough. * die cough die! *
  2. The Harry Potter Party is on tonight. Very excited but also a bit tired. Vu is lending me his Slytherin tie and I am choosing to a wear a very schoolish (albeit too small) blazer.
  3. Mother's day is this Sunday! Planning to take mum to a very early brunch at Left of Field in Rhodes (I love their location, set up and their pancakes).
  4. Reading The Wind Up Bird Chronicle. I feel like Murakami books are all very similar...parallel worlds...mysterious women...cat symbolism... detailed cooking and sex scenes.... If anything it feels a little repetitive. Unless it is just this book and iQ84 that have very similar plotlines...


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