Food and Wine Cruise

/ Wednesday, 5 April 2017 /

Sunbaking on deck and enjoying the last bit of Australian summer.
I went on my first cruise with Vu over the past weekend (3 nights, 3 days) and we had a fantastic time making our way through all the restaurants (being the pigs we are), relaxing on the deck, silly-dancing to 1990s and early 2000s jams, and enjoying the musical shows.  
*Squints* Debuting my shakuhachi sample sale dress (such a good find!)

The Dome and our cocktails on the first night.
High tea at Salt Grill. It was a lovely experience and the food was very pretty. But, as with all high tea, it didn't quiiiite meet expectations in terms of how everything tasted (the pink macaroon was v yum though!).

Luke Mangan's Salt Grill is on board. Holy moly, the steak and entrĂ©es were beyond brilliant. Here is my waygu steak with a bunch of sauces / red wine jus. I have to say it was just as good as Rockpool Grill (if not better!).

Strawberry cheesecake, meringue and POP ROCKS (*goes ballistic*)
We had dinner at Salt Grill on the Great Gatsby/ 1920s themed night. There were live bands who played a bunch of oldie songs (which I loved since I was one of those kid who grew up listening to 106.5FM). They also had 1920s dancing lessons on board, which I 100% regret not joining. I remember seeing a few people who had taken the class on the dance floor later that night, dancing/waltzing/tango-ing up a storm.


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