Weekend painting and trip planning

/ Sunday, 12 March 2017 /

Painting day with work friends - a success! Bottom left is mine.

  1. Despite waking up groggy at 11am on Saturday (overslept), and wandering around the house groggily, and ironing groggily (dangerous, do not do when groggy!), I spent a strangely productive afternoon with Jane, planning out dates for our upcoming Eastern Europe trip. The idea is to spend one week in Moscow and St Petersburg, before heading to Vienna and Budapest. This will be our first time travelling to Europe in spring, so we got a bit carried away thinking about what nice clothes we could wear (Dresses! Tshirts! Leather jackets! Anything that doesn't resemble a bloated Michelin man!). We also discovered that obtaining a tourist visa in Russia is a massive pain in the butt hole.
  2. I organised a small painting class on Sunday with three friends from work. I was so proud of them, especially since one friend had never even touched a canvas prior to the lesson! After a lot of perseverance, patience and 5 hours (!!!), we finally finished our Japanese garden paintings. Looking back, I didn't realise it would be so stressful organising a class and leading it. There is added pressure because you don't want your friends taking away something they're really disappointed with, and not proud to display. We have plans to paint some more in early April (paired with hot pot plans), so there will be more to come!
Feast to reward ourselves for our 5 hours of hard work. Dae Jang Kum. Meaaat glorious meaaat!


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