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/ Wednesday, 8 March 2017 /

Foooood glorious food. This is essentially what gets me by the work week.

  1. Moved back to my old rotation in the corporate field! Never again will I touch a medical report, a court document or a subpoena. I am beyond happy!! I do find however that the team here is a bit cliquey, but I much prefer the social and chatty aspect of the group . Speaking of work, I have been paired with a new graduate who I am supposed to mentor/ buddy. I still feel like a baby in my current firm, and therefore feel ill-equipped to do this, but so far it has been going surprisingly okay.  
  2. Went with two of my coaching friends to Three Williams. We've been friends for more than 7 years, but since everyone has started full-time work , we haven't had the time to meet together for a few months. Nevertheless, we manage chat up a storm and get carried away with future plans/ outings (which more than often do not eventuate haha).  We had a mushroom dish (quite nice, but a bit salty), a pulled pork and kimchi slaw wrap (very good and moreish), a breakfast burger (quite good, I love kewpie mayo), French toast (gaytime with berries - the best French toast I've ever had) and fennel salt chips (must have, so crispy!).
  3. Went with friends last night to the National Art School in Paddington/Surry Hills to see a part of the Art at Night program. I think the program extends throughout March. We saw the HP Spectorium which was a cool room full of colourful projections which pulsed(?) in time with the music. They had a small bar inside and a fair few people mingling. I think this was done in collaboration with a DJ and Vice. We also swung by the Not an Animal Not a Plant exhibition by Vernon Ah Kee. The exhibit is pretty dark in that it addresses racial tensions and the plight of indigenous people in Australia. I really enjoyed the exhibition though and would probably head back to reinspect it/ each artwork.
Vernon Ah Kee exhibit ft. YY.

In terms of material things... I broke my makeup / general buy-ban to get the new Ablaze eye palette from Smashbox. I can't resist the cranberry and coppery hues!


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