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/ Wednesday, 1 March 2017 /
Half way through the walk / trek/ struggle from Berowra to Mount Kur-ring-gai.

  1. Went on my first bushwalk in over a year! This was a long trek in Kur-ring-gai National Park (around 4 -5 hours). We had several rest breaks, so it was closer to five. Luckily it was sprinkling that day so it wasn't unbearably sweaty and warm. Unfortunately, the wet weather meant that all the baby leeches came out to play (eurghgghghghg).  I spent a good half an hour trying to pry them off with sticks / flick them off our shoes.
  2. Mum's birthday was on Wednesday, and she chose to have Thai food at Holy Basil. Their ox tongue is deeeelicious. On Tuesday (my mum gets two birthdays evidently lol), my sister cooked up a storm complete with chicken roast, mussels, garlic bread etc. I'm still eating the remnants for lunch because she made that much food (not complaining though).
  3. Last week of work in this rotation. Gearing up to move all my stuff down one floor. The other graduate and I got a bunch of Dr Dough Donuts for our current team since they all have a sweet tooth/ donut addiction (top tip: the 90s kid Nerds one was the best). 
  4. Went to the Tatsuo Miyajima exhibition as part of MCA Artbar event last Friday. My friend was on the guest list but couldn't make it, so he gave the spot to me (I was beyond happy haha).  Skipped the drinks part and managed to sneak in super early when no one was around. I loved the blue MegaDeath room the most. You almost lose track of time in there. Overall, the experience was very eerie, like existing in a light-dotted vacuum. At the same time it was quite calming to be standing/sitting/ lying in these immense silent light installations by yourself, watching the numbers flicker randomly or count down from 9 to 1.  
My face.

Very old abandoned ferry terminal (aka. leechtown).
Lush green area when we got to the top of Mt Kur-ring-gai.


{ Natalie } on: 2 March 2017 at 14:32 said...

Ewww re: leeches! Would you recommend the bushwalk? Or is it very much of the same thing after the second hour?

nat // dignifiable

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