White Rabbit Gallery, pigging out and other things these past two weeks

/ Sunday, 26 March 2017 /
White Rabbit Gallery - "Grinding" by Yang Mushi. This one reminded me of the Chinese fable about an old lady who ground a metal rod into a needle, as an exercise of patience.

  1. I have been adapting to corporate law life, and boy has it been a bit of a struggle in the past week. The senior associate in my team has unexpectedly left on very short notice to go on secondment. As a result, the work load/ guidance has been slightly lacking. The transaction underway right now is quite large and complex (not to mention, the lawyers on the other side WROTE the textbook on takeovers and schemes of arrangement), so the associate and I are a bit lost in terms of our scope of the work, and we are having some difficulty efficiently carrying out what the partner envisioned. There's also been a flux of people leaving on our floor, so I suspect that the work load may increase in the next 3 weeks to compensate. All I know is that more senior lawyers should be employed ASAP.
  2. Relieved that a new lawyer is coming in to assist the tax partner because last Monday and Tuesday, I remember madly researching and drafting a tax advice for 7 bloody hours, just to have it done by close of business. I know shouldn't complain since, despite the responsibility, the hours aren't considered remotely arduous (judging from friends at top tier firms who stay at work until 11pm/midnight for weeks on end).
  3. On a more material note, I went to the Big Fashion sample sale in Paddington. The racks were surprisingly well kept and there were hardly any people (then again I went at 7pm on a rainy Thursday night). I bought a ruffle House of Cards skirt (very cute) and a minimalist salmon nude Acler dress.
  4. My friend hosted a super fun house party on Saturday. Every time I am amazed at how much effort and time her and her housemates put into decorating the place. This time their house was full of balloons, funny Instagram backdrops and silvery streamers draping over the doorways.
  5. Went to pig out/ distress at:
    1. Burgers by Josh (amaaaazing buffalo wings, chips and burgers. The meat was super smokey and the crispy onion really made it)
    2. Usual Café (very good pan eggs and the pancakes were so THICK and fluffy. Paired perfectly with the bacon)
    3. Eating World in Chinatown (special mention to the malatang noodles and the whole fried fish at the Thai store)
    4. No.1 Bent Street (lovely place and some plates were tasty like the ashy eggplant, the lamb rump and the dessert/rice pudding. However, I found it bit lacking in terms of service and some plates were pretty average)
  6. Spent Saturday morning and lunch with mum. Took her to see the White Rabbit Gallery and for Salt Meats Cheese in the afternoon (very delicious). As always, the exhibition at White Rabbit exceeded expectations. I really loved the mixed use of media and the political undertones of lots of the work. I noted that many of the artists were Taiwanese, and considering the political tensions between Taiwan and China, I was really surprised they agreed to exhibit in what is advertised as a Chinese contemporary art gallery.

Salt Meats Cheese. Amazing pasta! I would highly recommend the squid pasta and the lobster roll pizza. The latter is a bit salty but I found it balanced well with the tomato based pasta.

Brunch at the Usual Café with V. He reckons it was the best eggs in a pan he has ever had. I had to agree (much better than Reuben Hills or Rustic Pearl in Surry Hills!)

As you can see I ate out and spent way too much on food these past two weeks/week to balance out the stress. Let's hope this doesn't turn into a terrible habit (to console myself, I tell myself that winter is just around the corner so I can at least hide under  bulky jackets/jumpers/ behind a ginormous bucket of hot chips.......)


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