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/ Thursday, 2 March 2017 /

Outside the Salvador Dali museum, January 2015. I've dreamt of visiting this place since I was 12 years old. If a car ran me over that day, I am certain I would've died happy.
It was a mild January winter morning when I boarded the country Renfe train in Barcelona. I was jittery with excitement, 2 hours away from seeing Salvador Dali's museum in Figueres, Catalonia, Spain. I remember grinning ear to ear when I finally saw that egg-topped wall and tacky red exterior in the distance. Personally, there is nothing as surreal or exhilarating as realising your childhood dreams.

I have loved Dali's artworks and had a distinct obsession with all things Dali since I was a child. When his exhibition came to Melbourne, I waited (impatiently) in line for 2 hours and wandered through the NGV gallery for four hours. FOUR HOURS. The whole Figueres experience made me realise, how many other things did I really want to do in life, that I have dreamt of doing? Especially now that I am young and have next to no responsibilities?

I was speaking to a friend early this year, who was discussing new years resolutions with her work mentor. Rather than resolutions, she encouraged my friend to make a three year plan, setting small goals for the years ahead, with a particular focus on personal goals and not just financial and work targets. Her reasoning was that it was too easy to get lost in work, to lose focus of your hobbies and travel goals, and be overwhelmed by daily life.

So, taking in her advice, I have planned out a short list of goals for the next 4 years:
  1. Travel eastern Europe (particularly Budapest and Vienna, Russia ) (2017)
  2. Travel to Japan for two weeks (ski in Japan, climb Mount Fuji, soak in an Onsen across from Mount Fuji, eat really good sushi/sashimi) (2018)
  3. Buy a car (second-hand is preferable) (2018)
  4. Buy an apartment (2020/21) (holy shit seeing 2020 is frightening)
  5. Do a pottery class (2017) Go to a dance class (2017)
  6. Visit Sleep No More in Shanghai ( (2018)
  7. Go on a cruise (2017)
  8. Visit Switzerland to ski and Iceland - blue lagoon, horse-riding, scuba dive/snorkel between two continents (2019/20)
  9. Promotion to Associate at current firm/ another mid-tier firm with some semblance of a work-life balance (2019/20) (I know work goals aren't meant to be here... but I felt it was necessary)
  10. Teach friends to paint (2017, twice)
  11. Cook a proper Christmas meal (with a turkey!) for my family (2017)
  12. Read more classics - Pride and Prejudice, Emma, Oliver Twist, Little Women, read Wuthering Heights properly 
  13. Paint 4 paintings every year (2017 - x 2, 2018 )
  14. (?) Work overseas for a year, ideally in London (20??)
  15. Exercise more - twice a week (why is this at the end of my list... this should be at the top!)


{ Natalie } on: 2 March 2017 at 20:16 said...

With respect to pottery, I would recommend Silky Shapes at North Sydney! I went to The Pottery Shed and was not impressed at all with the staff and they also rotated each lessons so there was't consistency in teaching style (Frankly the three separate people I had were all horrible). Whereas at Silky Shapes, the instructor is the owner and she really goes into the detail as to why you are doing things rather than simply telling you to do it.

Goodluck with your plan!

{ carolineauch } on: 2 March 2017 at 21:52 said...

Ooh thanks for the recommendation! I will suss it out. Thanks - it's a ridiculously ambitious plan haha!

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