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/ Thursday, 9 February 2017 /
"Ermaygahd I'm in a lagoon!!!"
  1. Got sunburnt on the weekend whilst kayaking in Royal National Park. I had (stupidly) failed to slather my legs in sunscreen. Now they itch and tingle like mad.
  2. Discovered the Wattamolla lagoon (above). The lagoon actually sweeps behind the mini-cliff where beach-goers like to dive!  It was very quiet, peaceful and serene. I intend to return and would 100% recommend any other Sydney-sider to visit.   
  3. Got my implant thing in - will see how my body reacts to it over the next few months. Hopefully hormones will stabilise and any side-effects will wane off.
  4. Still anxious about impending job offers. Good news is I will be admitted on 17 February (although I do not feel remotely qualified or experienced enough to be called a solicitor).
  5. On a less fun note (adult-life is rarely fun), I set up a term deposit account (2.87% p.a. which is honestly pretty great in this economic climate). If I save around 70% of my pay each month, I should be able to scrap up enough for a deposit for a house/ apartment in 4-5 years!  
  6. My favourite Instagram craft artist ChiliPhilly has an exhibit on throughout Feb -March in Paddington. I am beyond excited to try on his crotchet food-themed hats on Sunday. Will definitely blog my experience here later next week.


{ Natalie } on: 12 February 2017 at 14:14 said...

Wow what time of the day did you go to Wattamolla?? When I went last time it was brimming with people (and when I see photos from my friends).

Goodluck with the job hunt!

nat // Dignifiable

{ carolineauch } on: 20 February 2017 at 19:21 said...

I went on a Saturday! I was on the other side of where the people were all gathered (if you walk/swim to the right-handside of the jumping edge)

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