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/ Thursday, 23 February 2017 /

Lambshoulderlambershoulderlambshoulder. Ermygawd I love lamb shoulder.
  1. To celebrate my job offer and admission last Friday, my family went on a belated celebratory dinner at Chiswick, at the Australian Gallery of NSW. I mainly wanted to hanker into the Moran family lamb shoulder, but watching the sun set over Woolloomooloo and the Domain was an added bonus. I never realised the Gallery had such good views! We also got a pork cutlet (a bit dry but paired well with the grilled nectarine), pickled charred carrots (deliciously crunchy and tangy) and the seared barramundi (very good).
  2. After dinner, I wandered around the gallery with my parents and sister. They spent most of their time gawping at how wanky some of the contemporary exhibits were (hahaha).  Mum really appreciated the scenery paintings though, and ogled at a landscape of the upper Nepean for an age. I tried to take a peek at the new exhibitions that were being installed (should be up by 30 March!).
  3. Had a tasty (but more-ish) meal at Riley Street Garage on Friday after celebrating with friends! Jane blogged about it here
  4. Finished reading Carrie. I love Stephen King novels. I find that the real horror of his books are not the supernatural themes interweaved throughout, but the characters.  For example, what really scared me in The Shining was not the haunted past of the hotel, but how domestic violence shapes and takes a hold of people, and how it can be perpetuated through the generations. I'm now working my way through 'It'.
  5. Finished watching Westworld. Confession: I was about to give up about halfway through the show, and I am SO glad I didn't because the plotline really ramped up and thickened! However, I'm a bit confused as to why there is a second season, since I thought the finale was the perfect end to the series. 
Let's double back and really admire that lamb shoulder. Mmm it was a melt-your-mouth-minty-pesto affair. 
Example of wanky art.


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