Things this week (spoiler alert: I finally got admitted as a lawyer!)

/ Sunday, 19 February 2017 /

  1. After a whole month of anxiety, I have finally received my job offer! Am so happy to head back to my old commercial team, and to the work I enjoyed! My 6 month rotation is slowly coming to an end (6 March) and I'm counting down the days to when I can move offices.  
  2. Went to yumcha for the first time in a very long time, and had my favourite iced sugar cane/ cumquat juice
  3. Baked some muffins (I went nuts and decked out my normal blueberry muffins with chocolate chips, and much more butter than usual. Delicious.)
  4. Getting back into painting
  5. My friend at work got engaged over the weekend! Very excited for her!
  6. Last but not least, I was admitted as a lawyer as of last Friday. It has been 6 long years, marked by very stressful, anxiety-ridden and rage-quit moments. It was very touching witnessing mentors, dads, and sisters "move" their mentees, daughters, and siblings into the NSW legal profession.
The admission ceremony has continued for almost 200 years, and has maintained all of its traditions, including the closing speech by a judge of the Supreme Court. Justice Margaret Beazley's speech was incredibly inspiring, celebrating the diversity in heritage, gender, and religion of our new generation of admitted lawyers - the very diversity which she believed would be pivotal in changing and giving new perspective to the law and its interpretation. She also spoke about how the legal profession has transformed since her progression onto the Bar in 1975, particularly the greater opportunities given to female lawyers, as well as emphasising past legal cases which have challenged and defeated the status quo. Of course, without saying, there is still much to do in terms of achieving fairness and equality before the law.

At the risk of sounding annoyingly sentimental and overly hopeful, I really do hope this will only be the beginning of an exciting and fingers-crossed (dare I mention the F word) fulfilling career.  


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