Things this week *26/1/2017*

/ Tuesday, 7 February 2017 /

Things I have liked this week:
  • sunny picnics paired with overly-sweet berry fruit juice
  • sushi rolls for breakfast in the morning & the smiley uncle who makes the sushi with his wife
  • Chinese New Year celebrations (the two times in the year the extended family gets together to eat together, and gets to ooh and ahh over the Australian open finals) 
  • discovering that I can DIY air-conditioning by spritzing myself with water, and then sprawling in front of a fan
  • the relatively slow ebb of work. I can actually work at my own pace! (read: procrastinate)
 Things I have disliked this week:
  • being unproductive at work (aka. now as I write this post at work)
  • stupendously hot weather
  • inconsistent friends who ask for help only when they need it and cancel plans last minute (their only attempt to remotely engage in your life is a basic "how r u" before launching in their tirade of problems. Good god.)
  • fruitless attempt in stocks (dropped 0.49% in value ever since Trump introduced his racist ban on Muslim immigration and went on about "the wall". Fucking hell.)
  • anxiety about upcoming job offers (renewal of contract)
This list of things I dislike is getting awfully long. Must stop before I depress myself even more, haha!
I'm sure things will pick up after next week though. Fingers crossed.


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