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/ Tuesday, 7 February 2017 /
Yesterday night, I went on a gallery date. My date had never step foot into a gallery before (!!!) so I was very keen to introduce him to one of my favourites in Sydney. The Art Gallery of NSW updates its contemporary exhibit around every six months, and it is by far one of my favourite places to go. I went on a Wednesday night, when the gallery opens late until 10pm. When we arrived, there was a small crowd of people on the main concourse listening to some very eclectic live music and sipping on wines. Keen to see the contemporary exhibit, we only listened to one song (it was quite melodramatic and sad...well, as sad as electronic music can get)  and went downstairs.

Ai Wei Wei's installation of appropriated Forever Bikes, inspired by Duchamp's first Dada piece. He was commenting on how bikes have been taken over by other less environmentally-friendly modes of transport in urban China.

I love the empty open space in galleries. It's very serene

Japanese video art. It sparkled.

A beehive who's happy to see me. (This was pretty hilarious/ inappropriate though considering it was near a kids/ zine-making corner. The installation was very colourful, wacky and ranged from wall murals to large fabrics hung from the ceiling. The work is by Indonesian artist Eko Nugroho).

Also, I was happy to see that the HSC high school students (class of 2016) were also exhibiting as part of Artexpress. I swear these young artists get more and more talented every year. See more here:

For dinner, we had ramen from Zundo (their tonkotsu and shoyu ramen was delicious but not very photogenic). In its place, I'd like to show you this beautiful creation from Gojima, which I had with friends the night before:

I could eat this all day and all night: spicey tuna sushi burger from Gojima at the Star. I love the crust that rice gets when it is over-cooked/ pan-fried. When paired with seaweed and Japanese daikon pickles, it was love at first bite.


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