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/ Saturday, 14 June 2014 /
Vivid Sydney is a light and music festival that happens every year in Sydney. It is usually based around Circular Quay, Darling Harbour, and branches into the Rocks. However, this year the light installations extended into Martin Place, Barangaroo and the University of Sydney (which I'm so devastated I missed out on despite studying there..... I'm just so flipping lazy).

Sydney-siders flock here at night to immerse themselves in the lights, the music (there are live performances in the Opera House - St Vincent was there!) and the installations. Apparently, the optimal times to go are from 11pm until midnight. This way you escape the throngs of families and tourists. I didn't even know there were so many children in Sydney. Maybe they all apparate and come out to play during these three wee weeks ...

Musuem of Contemporary Art. The light projections were gorgeous this year! It was designed and carried by a solo artist (but the part involving the interweaving dragons/serpents was a collaborative effort) 

If you wanted your face digitally projected and magnified on a lit up prism - here is your chance ;)

MLC Centre at Martin Place. You could grab some Messina Gelato, some food truck nomnoms and a cocktail (or two) and recline on a little cube and cosy up to watch the display. 

*Because baby you're a fireworrrrrrk (come and let your colours burst)*. Okay my music reference is tacky. But I guarantee you that it was no where near as tacky as the soundtrack behind this firework display (which may I note included Wrecking Ball mixed in with Swan Lake. Like. What.)
Shameless selfie #1. (But look at the Opera House. Stealing our thunder. Stealing our limelight. Tut-tut).

Shameless selfie #2
I'm blue da-bu-dee-da-bu-da. We watched the Opera House light display near the Quay/ Peter Doyle's fancy- pants restaurant. How amazing (and loaded) would you have to be to wine and dine there whilst catching a glimpse of Vivid Sydney? *dreams*.
How whimsical! Very Alice-in-Wonderland-esque.
There were three giant bunnies in total. Three. Just enough and not too many to be like: "OHEMGEE MY CLAUSTROPHOBIA IS KICKING IN. THESE GIANT BUNNIES ARE GOING TO EAT ME ALIVE". (Okay that may just be a personal and very irrational fear)
"Look at me - I'm a butterfly!" I think that's an apt reference because, really, let's be honest, the Opera House isn't the prettiest of buildings. I blame the yellowing eggshell white exterior.
The projections were so amazing and detailed though. There was a narrative accompanying the lighting installation as well which covered the history and construction of the Sydney Opera House

It has been a long time since I posted, so this feels a little bizarre.             
I have been MIA for a long time and lots of things have been happening at university, at work and just generally. Travelling to and across Europe was been amazing. It's too late now to upload photos...may get to it later (just for my own nostalgic reasons). Right now, I am so keen for examinations to be over, for the break to kick in. Our 9 day wander through New Zealand (north and south islands) should be fantastic. I think as I'm getting older (not that I am old in any sense haha) I tend to admire natural scenery more and more. During the break, I also have high hopes in getting internship applications done (fingers crossed because it is SO competitive out there), practicing for interviews, creating original works (drawing painting whatever) and perhaps reading more and getting fit (i.e get off my bum)                                                                                                                                                              
  Anything exciting happening in your hometowns/ region of the world? Future plans , goals, similar mid-year resolutions?


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