Going to high tea because we're classy like that (but really, we're far from it...)

/ Monday, 16 June 2014 /

A group of friends snagged an online deal for high tea for four at the Swissotel on Market Street. Despite the majority of us having had uni earlier on that day, we still made excuses to dress and prettaaay ourselves up for the occasion. It was a cute catchup of sorts after not seeing each other for several months during the university semester. So here we are, slightly overdressed*, laughing and talking ridiculously loudly (#noshame) in the tea lounge.

                          Sarah being a a cutie pie!                                       Sah trendy. Look at Millie rocking her eyeball dress.
The lovely Alice and I. The chocolate mocktails and cocktails were super tasty. Imagine a milo milkshake but with an alcoholic kick/aftertaste (but better).
That afternoon, we also found out that there was a Japanese-inspired high tea joint which is conveniently located in the CBD. I'm hoping the menu goes along the lines of mochi...green tea latte cocktails (I am patenting this idea if it doesn't already exist)...and more mochi.

Similarly, if you're located in Sydney, the Alice in Wonderland high tea at Water Bar in Woolloomoolo is also cute. The food there is less traditional (read: quirkier flavours and ideas, think pop rocks** paired with tempered chocolate), is smaller in portion and is overall very quaint.

Have you come across any interesting restaurants in your area, or have recommendations for places in Sydney?

*Especially considering mums and kids were in their joggers and zipped vests, sipping on their choc mocktails and nomming on scones.
** Helloooo.The 70s are making a come-back ... only in the dessert-field only though. Thank god.


{ Sam } on: 23 June 2014 at 18:15 said...

The tea looks delicious- I haven't done high tea in Hong Kong in ages! I'm dying to go to Sydney and Melbourne some time- will ask you for recs when I do buy my ticket :)


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