Sashimi Fest - dinner at Masuya - 21 !

/ Saturday, 31 August 2013 /

Masuya International is cleverly hidden in the basement level of one of the many sandstone offices and apartments in Wynyard. It's in fact just across the highly popular Bavarian Bier Cafe, and is known best by Sydney-siders for its fresh selection of sashimi (yum!) and oysters!

A closer shot of the very colourful sushi platter. We had an assorted range of tuna sushi, grilled salmon, salmon, kingfish and one "rainbow" roll.

The blue-swimmer crab hot-pot was beauuutiful. The soup broth (which comes in it's own little pitcher) has a sweet, yet savoury and milky taste, with a hint of rice wine to it.
The seafood that accompanies the hot-pot - LOOK AT THOSE SCALLOPS. I oggled at their size for a while . that's what she said.
Atypical salmon and avocado roll.
I was the only person in my family to drink that night (ahhaha). Whatever. No judging, I had the birthday girl immunity. This was actually quite a strong drink despite it's misleading sweet description  (fruit + Japanese spirits) and those cute jelly-like additions.

To end the night, we orderd this really reallllly delicious green-tea brulee. This tasted like green-tea heaven x 1000000 in a ramekin!  I forced myself to have another spoon before I sunk into a long and happy food coma.   


{ Sarah } on: 3 November 2013 at 16:04 said...

Ahh so jelly =( <3 looks amazing

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