And almost half a year later....updates

/ Sunday, 30 June 2013 /
Decided to make this blog a tad more eventful (not that it was in the first place haha) by doing a quick update. Okay. I lie. More like spamming-post-with-food-pictures-other-random-shots.
It's what I do best .... and there is no shame in that.

A snippet of Vivid Sydney. The MCA was very pretty this year - look at those colours!
Valentines day with the girls in the park. We had a great time - it was so warm and sunny that day!

Yum macarons from Laudree. The Sydney Store openned up late last year in Pitt Street Mall. Never got the chance to go myself but these were gifts from a very old friend!
 Around my suburb - filters make everything look dreamy and perfect. 

More food - this is a at a really good cafe my mum discovered in a local shopping mall. It's called Cafe Cherry Bean, if anyone wants to visiot and has one near their area! The burgers are delicious - from the bun, to the patty, to the crispy complementary fries.
Sydney Zeta-bar funsies. They have these cute teapots that hold a mix Moet, white wines and fruit juice with a hint of dried ice/liquid nitrogen. So, when you pour out the drink, the little teacups emit this cold mist. It looks oh so very mysterious. We tried it mainly because it seemed quite novel - in fact it kind of reminds me of Alice in Wonderland!

Antler Bar - a friends 21st. The place was really cosy but chic, and her family/friend's speeches were adorable! The cake was really fabulous! It was pistachio chiffon with several layers. but unfortunately I didn't manage to get a good shot of it - the lighting was pretty dim if you can tell.
With uni friends celebrating a friend's birthday which was actually in late May. We celebrated in early June :) The Belgium Bier Cafe is a favourite place of mine. It has the best mussels! We  had a good laugh and celebrated the last lecture for Public International Law (thank goodness...that subject was really tedious) and the end of our uni semester.
Recent photos! This was during my post-exam period last Friday. We went to Chelsea Hotel and ordered some tasting plates (prawn, squid, chorizo etc.) and prawn pizza. It was SO GOOD. Not sure if the food was awesome because it actually was mouth-wateringly good....or because I hadn't eaten out in the last week, compounded by the fact I've felt I've been under house-arrest (i.e. cooping myself in the house like a hermit so I don't flail/fail at my finals).
Additional chocolatey-goodness overload at Oliver Brown. This place is SO much better than San Churros - the portions are so much bigger, the churros was still cripsy and the choc dip is equally creamy and rich. Cue lapse into food-coma.

Well, hopefully I'll be updating this blog more frequently this break! I have plenty of time, in which I plan to spend catching up with others, going running (ahha...*thiswillnotworkout*), painting Prague/Istanbul, binging on yumyums and working quite a bit - have to keep on saving up Jane and I's upcoming Eurotrip!



{ Jane } on: 1 July 2013 at 01:49 said...

Take me to Zeta bar!

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