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/ Saturday, 17 November 2012 /

I've been away for such a long time (far too long)! Final exams and work have kept me from blogging. Exams are such a hurdle :( But, onto happier news, there's only a week and a bit until I fly to HK!

Recently, I recovered some photos of Sydney's Fashion Night Out (see above!). This happened a couple of months back (at the end of September, if I recall). It was a fun, colourful and busy night; I really was surprised about the crowds !   We spotted few famous faces from Masterchef as well as the verrrry lovely Miranda Kerr.

1. Models in really colourful gear  /    2 Some freebies + my juice/wine/ice drink.  It was so hot that day :(

3. With our teeny tiny cupcakes.

I'm pretty obsessed with gold packaging in general right now.... I'm like a magpie.
The illamasqua cream shadow smells like butterscotch ice-cream/ caramel. Fighting my urge to eat it through my nose. This could be a problem.

Earlier this month, my sister headed to Tasmania for work/ for a vacation. As a surprise, she brought back a HEAP of confectionary, honey and chocs. These little rose-flavoured meringues had bits of pistacchio scattered throughout.Yum yum. The black furry thing in the corner is a tasmanian devil plushie (sorry...it looks kind of rat-like, no?)

Summer is coming! I randomly snapped a picture of my neighbourhood. At the time, I was waiting to get picked for a farewell barbeque. It was riddiculously HOT that day! Almost 40 degrees.

I'll be back soon for more updates. Have a nice day :)



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