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/ Friday, 5 October 2012 /

Childhood films: I grew up with many of the Ghibli cartoons (namely Kiki, Laputa and Totoro). "My neighbour Totoro" is beautiful and amazingly heart-warming. Anyone remember VCDs (they came after video tapes but before dvds)?
My first gaming console. Holy smokes. I can't believe I still have this. It contains four WHOLE games (Yes, four - impressive right? ;) ) My favourite was the old school black and white tetris, complete with absolutely OTT shooting and zapping sound effects.    Needless to say, who could forget the first generation of Tamogotchis? I'll admit this was my sisters (but I love it nonetheless).
Woodstock duvet cover. Very 90's. And I still use it today (I'm actually not joking)!
Floppy disks? Check out my 90's baby bowl-haircut and matching 90's colour-block jacket...
Hey there Hanson! And S-Club 7!  Anyone remember Big Hits magazine? This was a "bonus" free video tape in the May 2000 issue.   

My most treasured things from the 90s are probably my tapes of the Sailor Moon R and S series from 1995 - 1996. They're the Cantonese dub version (and I'm very embarrased  to say that my Catonese has only advanced to the level of the Catonese they use in the cartoon hahaha). 

Whoever has watched the American version (and loved it) must rewatch the Japanese originals. The American dub changed the genders of some characters (I was horrified) to remove any suggestion of same-sex relationships. Generally, it altered a whole lot including character names and cultural references :(.
NSYNC? Backstreet Boys? Oh my. Their 1999 Millenium Ablum was the best. Like every other girl, when it came to Nick Carter, I was  lost for words. Hahaha.

So, here ends my rather long and nostalgic post.
Do you guys remember aspects of your childhood that really amuse you now? Or certain things that you miss?

Or, like me, have you hoarded certain sentimental items that you just can't bring to throw away or forget?

Wai Lam


{ circleofchaos } on: 8 October 2012 at 13:31 said...

Nice post.^^
Maybe follow each other???

{ Anna Brain } on: 4 November 2012 at 11:39 said...

Oh wow! Really old school!! :)

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