I'm a bit of a foodie at heart

/ Friday, 27 July 2012 /
Woodfired pizza at a place out west. Was absolutely delicious. It was a bargain too! Came with drinks on the house!

Today's tea at home. Cheese with sundried tomato strips with olive oil.    Check out my uni notes below...it's my new food placemat.  Hehehe.

Giant smarties cookie icecream cake. Made by my youth group leather who is very skilled in cooking. Culinary genius! (i.e. she makes her own pasta and ice-cream....who does that anymore??)

 Recently, I went to a gathering at a friend's place. She made SO much food. We helped with the caesar salad which was delicious! The tuna dip with the bread rolls was probably the best thing there. It had little bits of red onion and celery which made it so crisp and fresh! 

Caesar salad close-up and the soon to be extinct mango magic liquorice. The whole  franchise which makes this is apparently closing down :(

Have you had any delicious food recently? Feel free to share :)  


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