18th Biennale of Sydney - art installations

/ Saturday, 28 July 2012 /
 A week or two ago, I went with two friends to see the 18th Biennale of Sydney. This is an art event that happens every two years in various locations across Sydney. There are many happening around the world (I believe there is one in Milan), so check out your local cities for details!

The weather was really good. We were lucky since it was raining the week before. It was a really beautiful day on Cockatoo Island.

Mesh and paper mache installation. You could stand inside the installation and just be overwhelmed by the clouds of paper petals. It was really gorgeous.
 This was my favourite installation. It filled a whole warehouse. The sculpture was made completely from styrofoam. It was really beautiful, confronting and just colossal.

The whole installation was made of paper guns and rifles. See below how this was done!

 These guns were opened into an arc-like shape, to create a colourful arch. These were then arranged by the artist (Li Hongbo). The installation filled an entire room(mind you the room was very large). It looked like child's playground, but ironically, the artwork had a more sinister and violent edge to it.

This was my second favourite installation. My friends really enjoyed this one.  These were bamboo windchimes. They kind of look like octopii don't you think?

They made a beaufiful sound when they were blown by the wind. I love how they contrast with the blue sky. The ground was covered by each little bamboo creature's shadow.  It was really serene to stand there and just listen. 

On a more novel note, there was a fluorescent lights installation! They made my jeans look mental!


{ Parin Desai } on: 31 July 2012 at 06:54 said...

oh wow, this is amazing!

{ Wai Lam } on: 1 August 2012 at 07:23 said...

Thanks! Maybe there is something similar happening in/around your city! Thanks for stopping by :)

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