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Besides my at-home "me-time" and my very occasional solo-shopping trips, I spend very little time by myself.

I've rarely eaten in restaurants by myself, or explored new places by myself.

A lot of the time I assume that I won't enjoy spending time alone, whether it's fear of being judged as being lonely or friendless, or fear of being stuck with just me and my thoughts.

However, when I have, it has been very liberating. To wander through a gallery by yourself and taking time to read the descriptions, or perusing the library, or enjoying a hot meal at a proper restaurant. I think I really do enjoy spending time by myself, and I have realised that I want to make a conscious plans to spend time in my own company.

I want to dedicate more time to exploring and doing things by myself, and hopefully learn to be happy with just being me.

Things I want to do alone:
  • Enjoy a brunch
  • Watch a movie or play
  • Outdoors activity (e.g. sculptures by the sea)
  • See an exhibition
  • Go on a short holiday.
In the same line of thought, I want to be more purposeful with my time at home. I am always busy distracting myself with television, food, facebook, instagram, messaging. There's not enough time for self-reflection. Sometimes I really do think that it's a form of millennial self-medication or addiction to keep myself away from my thoughts/worries.

On another note, speaking of home, it's ironic because I feel like even though my family is in the same house, we lead such separate lives in different rooms. I feel like I should be reconnecting with them on a daily basis rather than sitting in my bubble of mind-numbing self-medication. But how do I find the right motivation, and not see it as some contrived moral duty?? Anyhow those are thoughts for another day...

Weekly update - White Rabbit Art Gallery and brunch at Meet Mica

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Fafur the Martyr by Peng Hung-Chih. Fafar was a character who resembled Mickey Mouse who appeared in Hamas television. In essence, its purpose was to indoctrinate young kids with ideas of matrydom and to rise against "enemies of Islam". The rest of the sculpture incorporates images of Christ and the star of David. Pretty sombre stuff about the conflict of religions.
This display reminded me of piano keys.
Such a detailed painting. You can see hidden figures, including that of Buddha.

Cathedral made out of sex toys, whips and leather. It was commentary about how Christianity is form of "bondage" and "religious exultation" has tones of "sexual pleasure". I interpreted the installation as how the church aspires to emit an image of holiness, but in reality that's not quite the case.
Arsonist's dream come true. This was oddly peaceful (probably because of the euphoric classical music playing in the background).

Crab congee and spicy crab noodles. The congee was DELICIOUS. Albeit we did wait for more than 1 hour to get into Meet Mica. #asiansliketoqueue
Matcha French toast! First two bites were great but it got very overwhelming. If you try this, don't add all the condensed milk!
  1. Back into the grind at work! I feel like I am finally back into the groove of things 2 weeks after returning from Europe.
  2. Went to an asian comedy night (a part of the Sydney Fringe Festival). Some of the acts were good, but of course there was the typical commentary and comical complaints about strict parents and Pauline Hanson. It was refreshing to hear non-Asian related jokes by Asian people though! There was a particularly dry and self-deprecating comedian who was hilarious.
  3. Meal-prepping is turning out to be quite enjoyable (who knew that those words would ever come out of my mouth...). I have made Korean rice cakes, lamb chops and lemon grass pork and peri peri chicken thus far (thank you Nando's for your sauces).
  4. Started watching Younger (I know that I'm very late on the boat)! Despite it being produced by Darren Star, it's a much lighter, bubbly and less risqué version of Sex and the City (nothing will ever beat S&TC haha). I love Liza's boss. I don't know why but I feel that she has Karen Walker vibes from Will&Grace....

Moscow (August 2017)

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St Basils on a hot summers day.
This orthodox church is only 20 years old! I have to say it is blindingly gold during the day-time and enormous in relation to the other cathedrals.
Izmailovsky Market. This place is packed with flea market stalls, paintings, kebab stores and antiques/artefacts (probably mostly fake...).
Paintings for sale in the flea market.
University of Moscow towers above the city.
Doofus ft. Russian furry hat complete with hammer and sickle.
Inside the markets.
Very intricate Matryoshka dolls. These ones had 10 parts!
Moscow sling cocktails on top of the Ritz on my birthday. Hello quarter of a century!

Curious sculptures in Gorky Park.
Many people were cycling, picnicking and roller-blading throughout the lawns. Moscow would a lovely city to live, if only we spoke fluent Russian!
TSUM department store where they had great ice-creams.

On route to Lenin's mausoleum (post-fighting rude tourists)
Inside the Kremlin/ fortress! This section is made of 5 cathedrals, several museums as well as parliament.
Inside the cathedrals of the Kremlin.
Sunsets in this city were incredible.


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