Past week in pictures - Vivid Sydney 2017 and SuperNova

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The little baby sister from Totoro and Bom-Bom-Ba!

Curbing shopping habits

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Recently (read: the past hour), I have decided to list down all my purchases from my America trip (December 2016 - January 2017) up until now, in an effort to truly confront my spending habits.
From what I can remember (which may already be an under-estimate, judging by how cloudy my memory is), I have so far spent approx. $970 on clothing, shoes and accessories (what the fuck) and $285 on makeup and skincare (further what the fuck). This does not cover necessities like makeup removers, dry shampoos and basics (e.g. socks and undies). I understand most of it was done on holiday (around $589), but I honestly need to stop spending. The same amount of money could have covered a return flight to Hong Kong in peak season and accommodation for a week...
I am officially on a shopping ban until the end of the year. However, I may lift the ban for the oncoming holiday in August/September, but the rules below will still apply.
  1. Ask yourself, if the price was 1.5x more that the price listed, would you still purchase it?
  2. Ask yourself if you have similar items in the closet? If you do, put it down.
  3. Strictly NO MORE makeup purchases until year end.
  4. Strictly NO MORE accessory purchases until year end (accessories include scarfs, beanies, hats, jewellery)
  5. Do not buy something on sale merely because it is on sale and it looks good. You must have needed it prior to finding it (besides from a pair of low ankle boots, I cannot think of anything else that fits into this category...goodbye shopping... sayonara dear friend...goodbye my loverrrr)
  6. Only buy high quality things. Cull out shopping in fast fashion stores (this is something I really should fix...)
  7. Leave a 3 day waiting period before buying something. If I really liked it/ needed it, I would return (one day waiting period if overseas)
  8. Whenever itching to buy something, re-examine wardrobe and remind myself of ALL the shit I have which needs to be worn.


The past week

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  1. Feeling pretty blasé throughout this week. Made plans to hang out with family on the public holiday on Monday and tonight, and tried to keep busy but I'm not feeling 100% focussed (with the exception of margertias night with high school friends last Friday, which was fantastic)
  2. Have a large new chunk of work to do. I should really focus on this transaction, stop procrastinating and demonstrate my capabilities to my boss... It is a great opportunity with a large client, so I just have to properly motivate myself and pummel through.
  3. I know I am too impatient. I like to push things to make them work, to hurry the process because I can't stand grey areas or prolonged uncertainty. It's a very misguided attitude in that sense. I really should stop applying this mentality to things that are non-work related. I have to accept that some things just take time, a lot of thought and reflection, and accept that I will feel uncomfortable and uneasy during that process.
  4. Trying to reach out more to friends who I have lost contact with, or I was shying away from because I was finding it hard to be an emotional pillar for them (very selfish, I know. But it became very tiring and exhausting).
  5. My neck hurts and I feel nauseous sometimes when I sit for too long without stretching properly. I don't want to WebMD it...will take two scrolls before the word "CANCER" pops up.
  6. To end on a positive note - things to look forward to (and hopefully actually enjoy): Vivid with family tonight, more Vivid tomorrow and a work friend's housewarming on Saturday night (where I plan to stuff myself with curries, naan and other yummy goodies to compensate for this gloominess I'm feeling).


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